I confess…

I confess…

In the 1600’s an event known as the Great Reformation occurred that forever changed Christianity.  The primary messenger of the Great Reformation message was Martin Luther when he stated “the just shall live by faith”.   It was is if God Himself was trying to make it very clear that if you believe and receive the gift that Jesus’ sacrifice offers us, then you are saved…you are born again!  

What most don’t realize is that although true, the Great Reformation only covers half of the good news of the Gospel.  And, sadly, because of this, a new religion began.  The religion, if I could give it a name, is called Churchianity.  The Reformation changed the way Christians believed about the security of their salvation which is really, really good news. But what the Reformation didn’t cover is what does a born again believer do now that the security of salvation is sealed and can never be altered?

Here is where Churchianity comes in.  Churches and denominations everywhere began a repeated and systematic cycle of sin management and behavior modification.  The two words, “convict” and “repent” which I discussed in my previous blogs are two words in scripture that have been horribly misinterpreted in order for church leaders to have a “tool” to manage sin in the body of Christ.  They had very good intentions and thought they were doing the right thing, but truthfully, it is not a pastor’s job to manage sin.  It is not a Bible teacher’s job to make someone more Christ-like.  Every pastor’s main focus should be GRACE first.  Sadly, it isn’t and it has been going on for centuries, keeping the majority of the body of Christ in a death grip of cruel oppression.

There is another word that has been used as a weapon.  Confession.

Confess in the modern day body of Christ means to “admit” your sins to God or other persons so that you can keep a small account with God and live with His favor instead of His indifference.  Confess your sins so that you can get right with God.  Pastors in the pulpit urge Christians everywhere to walk to the front, get on your knees, confess and ask God for forgiveness.

STOP!! I have a question.

 Does this in any way help me to become Christ-like?  I’ve been down this road of confession many times.  (No, I’m not Catholic.)  I have admitted my sins to others and God many times and nothing happens.  And what about those sins you would never mention or admit even to the closest person in your life.  You know what I’m talking about.  Those sins?  The sins and thoughts you have that only you and God know about?  Ahem…what about those?  Speaking for myself, those thoughts and sinful tendencies are still there.

Here is a typical situation that the word confess has reduced Christians to. 

A Christian sins.  The Christian then prays and admits their sin to God and then…oh my goodness…and then…(God please forgive us for not living in GRACE)…asks, begs, pleads for forgiveness.  Oh my!  I shudder at what a slap in the face this is to our Father and His perfect work of GRACE.  This is worse than the previous sin you are asking to be forgiven of. A Christian never…I repeat…never has to ask God for forgiveness. (Please don’t let this offend you.  Please, please keep reading.  Please?)

I shudder to think how “confessing” has been so grotesquely misinterpreted by Churchianity.  In the greek language, the word confess is “homologeo”, which means “same word”.  Translated properly, it means to “agree with”.  When you “confess” your sins, it does not mean to go before God in a saddened, sorrowful state and openly speak or admit what you did wrong.  Correctly interpreted, it means to “agree with” God about His view of sin. 

Let me ask you.  Do you believe that Jesus’ blood has totally removed sin AND that you are no longer guilty AND that you are a new creation AND that you are born again?  Of course you do.  That is faith.

Now let me ask you (Paul asked this same question).  Does your faith stop there?  If we believe that Jesus’ blood has covered our sins, then why don’t we believe and have faith that His resurrection is making us like Him?  He was raised from the dead for this very purpose.  We have faith in what His death did for us, but we seem to struggle with what His resurrection is now doing for us.  The Great Reformation didn’t touch on this subject.  I now pray and currently believe that there is a second Reformation taking place that will rescue Christians from the current, modern day church.

Here is GRACE in action.

When we sin, we agree with God and realize that it is wrong.  We pray to God and discuss with Him about our concern for the sin and that we want to be delivered and healed from it.  The purpose of “confessing” is not to admit our sin openly and beg for forgiveness.  The purpose of confession (agree with) is to approach the throne room of GRACE boldly and then openly talk with our loving Father about how much we hate this sin.  We and our Father both know that sin is terrible and has consequences.  We and our Father both know that we hate sin.  The purpose of confession (agree with) is not to be forgiven.  We are already forgiven!  When you go before God and confess (agree with), it is for the purpose of receiving HEALING!  There is no condemnation involved.  Even when approaching God in agreement about your sin, He looks at you and sees you as pure as He sees His own Son.  He is overwhelmingly pleased that you are acting in faith and believing that He Himself living in you is making you more and more like Him!   He’s not looking through a Jesus blood filter and seeing Jesus instead of you.  He sees YOU, and He not only loves you, but He likes you and likes what he sees.  THAT is what the disciples were so passionate about. THAT is the Gospel!  THAT is good news!



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